We Believe Investing Should Be Easy

The E-Valuator Risk Managed Strategy (RMS) Funds make investing easy for Investors by providing 6 distinctly different investment options spanning the efficient frontier spectrum of risk management from Very Conservative to Aggressive Growth.  Investors simply need to identify their personal level of acceptable volatility (risk) exposure, then invest accordingly in the RMS Fund(s) matching their tolerance level.


We Believe In a Systematic Approach to Intelligent Investing
We manage The E-Valuator Risk Managed Strategy (RMS) Funds with a disciplined, pragmatic approach seeking to maximize performance within a stated range of volatility, as measured by standard deviation.
Our Meticulous Asset Allocation Process (MAAP) provides the guidance in the form of a “road map” through the asset allocation and diversification process.


We Strive To Simplify the Process
The E-Valuator RMS Funds were created to simplify a comprehensive asset management process, without sacrificing performance.
Accordingly, each of The E-Valuator RMS Funds contains a complete asset management program packaged into an open-end mutual fund.




The E-Valuator RMS Funds Are Not Typical Mutual Funds

The E-Valuator Software

The E-Valuator software systematically selects, monitors, and replaces (as needed) the underlying investments, i.e. ETF’s and open-end mutual funds.


Meticulous Asset Allocation Process.  Establishes the “road map” for diversifying and allocating assets in a pragmatic, methodical manner.

Optimized for Return

Seeking to maximize performance at varying levels of risk along the efficient frontier while utilizing both Passive Management and Active Management.


Underlying investments are rebalanced when their pro-rata balance the Fund differs by +/-10% from their original allocation percentage.


These fund-of-funds investments continually monitor, identify, and replace underlying investments whenever performance lags below the criteria set by the E-Valuator software.

Tax Harvesting

Proactively replace a lagging investment to potentially help reduce your taxable income.


Stable of Underlying Investment Firms

Access the power of an array of asset class and strategy-specific experts. 

*Representative firms, subject to change at any time.


Very Conservative Conservative Moderate Growth Aggressive Growth Tactically  Managed
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Ticker Symbols &
Summary Prospectuses

Service Share Class      EVVLX      EVCLX      EVMLX      EVGLX      EVAGX      EVTTX
R4 Share Class      EVVCX      EVFCX      EVFMX      EVGRX      EVFGX      EVFTX

RMS Fund Objectives

Primary Income Income Growth & Income Growth High Growth Growth
Secondary Stability of Principal Growth Growth & Income Income Income Protect Principal

Standard Deviation

3 yr. and/or 5 yr. 1.0% – 3.5% 3.0% – 6.0% 5.5% – 8.5% 8.0% – 11.0% 9.0% – 13.0% Unavailable

Investor Suitability

Short-Term Loss Tolerance Very Low Low Acceptable High Very High Acceptable
Stock Market Risk Exposure Minimal Below Average Average Above Average Significant Significant
Inflation Risk Exposure Significant Above Average Average Below Average Minimal Minimal
Withdrawal Target Date Less than 2 yrs. 2 yrs. to 4 yrs. 4 yrs. to 7 yrs. 7 yrs. to 12 yrs. More than 12 yrs. N/A
(Years until liquidation)

Typical Allocation

Bonds & Money Market 85% – 99% 70% – 85% 30% – 50% 15% – 30% 1% – 15% Unlimited
Stocks 1% – 15% 15% – 30% 50% – 70% 70% – 85% 85% – 99% Unlimited